Fortitude have been sponsoring events since our first year trading as we believe in the quality of our kit, so what better way than to let athletes loose on it during throw downs.  In our first year we sponsored BoxRocks & RepitoutUK and we are now happy to be a part of Scale the Heights, Athlete Games, SuperHuman Events in 2016, sponsoring the events with all our equipment, over 17 events!

We love being a part of the CrossFit scene and we always have stalls at our sponsored events so please come by and say hi and take a look at our equipment and see what we can do for you.  #ATHLETETESTED


If you are interested in Fortitude Equipment sponsoring an event for you then please read the statement below which outlines details for delivery and return of the equipment.  By reading this and agreeing for us to sponsor your event you are also agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below.

Delivery of equipment –  Fortitude Equipment will send the equipment used to sponsor your event via courier.  The equipment must be returned in the original packaging, must be wrapped and in the same condition and ready for the courier to receive, as it was sent in.  If the equipment is not prepared adequately, the courier will refuse to pick up and you will be liable for added delivery costs.

If the equipment is not returned in the original packaging, you are liable for additional costs to repackage, and an invoice will be raised along with the courier costs.

Damaged equipment – If any equipment is damaged or deemed unusable upon return of the equipment, you will be liable for the total cost of the item.

If the equipment is not returned to Fortitude Equipment within 7 days of the end of the competition, you will have an invoice for the entirety of the equipment missing, and will be invoiced for every item loaned.  The only exception to this is if an agreement is in place with Fortitude Equipment in writing, that states a longer period for return of the equipment has been granted.

For any further questions please call Fortitude Equipment on 01634290537