Wolverson™ GT 7ft 20kg 28mm Men’s Olympic Lifting Bar



Wolverson have extensively tried and tested their bars, to create an affordable but great quality bar. These fantastic 7ft Olympic Bars with varying diameters catering for every application and every user, all weighing 20kg with longer loading sleeves with both power lifting and Olympic lifting markings. We only recommend our 28mm bar for Cross-Fit or similar high impact activities.


  • Length – 7 feet
  • Weight – 20 kg
  • Diameter – 28 mm
  • 1500 lb rating (680kg)
  • 190K psi rating
  • Three needle bearings per sleeve, give a smooth rolling action
  • Standard Olympic size sleeve (16” long)
  • Sealed end caps
  • Non-aggressive Olympic and powerlifting knurling for comfortable lifting and high reps
  • No centre knurling