Wolverson™ GT 6ft 7″ (2010mm) 15kg Women’s Olympic Lifting Bar



The Wolverson™ GT Women’s 6ft 7″ 15kg Olympic Lifting Bar is a great piece of equipment. Longer loading sleeves with needle pin bearings provide greater stability, with Power Lifting and Olympic lifting markings for varied work outs, along with non-aggressive centre knurling for better grip and longer use. Perfect for personal work out or cross training.


  • Diameter – 25 mm
  • Length – 6 feet 7 inches / 2010mm
  • Weight – 15 kg
  • Three needle bearings per sleeve, give a smooth rolling action
  • Standard Olympic size sleeve (16” long)
  • Sealed end caps
  • Non-aggressive Olympic and power-lifting knurling for comfortable lifting and high reps
  • No center knurling
  • Satin Nickel Chrome finish