Olympic Safety Squat Bar


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The PowerGym Olympic Safety Squat Bar has been designed to prevent excessive hip flexion and knee stresses when performing squat movements. In addition to this it provides those athletes with limited chest and shoulder mobility a comfortable alternative to a regular back squat.

Handles at the front reduce shoulder strain and the safety aspect of the design allows users to let go of the bar while it stays securely positioned with the load spread comfortably over the 3 pads.

The Olympic Squat Bar is constructed from 30mm solid high tensile steel. This bar will handle over 320 kg.

In addition to regular squats this bar can also be used for:

– Squat
– Box Squats
– Suspended Squats
– Good Mornings
– Zercher Squats
– Walking Lunges


  • The Olympic safety squat bar is built with padded shoulders using foam rollers & covered with vinyl for comfort
  • Shoulder support with hand grips & cambered solid bar design helps maintain your squat form
  • Works with squad stands, rack, and bench press.
  • Weight capacity: 320 kg
  • 2x Spring collars included
  • Fits 2″ Olympic weight plates


  • Rated to 700 lb (320 kg)
  • Weight: approx 24kg
  • Length: approx 240 cm
  • Distance between inside of handles: approx 30 cm
  • Distance between bends at the top of the bar: approx 133 cm
  • Length of handles: approx 32 cm
  • Length of neck pad: approx 28 cm
  • Length of sleeve: approx 28 cm
  • Length of the thick part of the sleeve: approx 4 cm


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