Velocity Coloured Crumb Plates


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These bumper plates are our biggest seller due to featuring in some of the largest CrossFit Throwdowns in the UK and Europe.  These plates really are one of the best plates you will find for quality, design and price.

Extremely robust and durable, colour coded sizes and improved design on the standard recycled bumpers, the Velocity Bumper Plate are the top spec, high usage bumper plate.

High-contrast colour speckles, which correspond with traditional Olympic weightlifting plate colouring, allow weights to be identified easily for ease of use for the athlete.

  • Unlike traditional crumb rubber bumpers, the collars are co-moulded into the rubber, making them more durable and preventing a free-spinning collar.
  • Drop tested 8,000 – 10,000 times for quality assurance.
  • Ultra heavy duty bumpers that will go on and on.

Available in 100 & 150Kg sets and pairs of all sizes.


100kg Set, 150kg Set, 25kg (pair), 20kg (pair), 15kg (pair), 10kg (pair), 5kg (pair)

25kg (pair)