Jordan Sandbag Pro


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• Redesigned from top to bottom.

• Improved Durability, Functionality and Aesthetics.

• Superior construction to any other sandbag of this style.

• Extra Handles to complement existing handles.

• New “Ignite” premium styling.

• Enhanced, stronger Velcro tabs.

• Improve strength and power endurance

• For energy expediture leading to metabolic acceleration

• Can be thrown and caught, as an alternative to a Medicine Ball

• Can be used as a form of unconventional training

• Indoors and outdoor use

• As a variation from Dumbbells, Barbells or Medicine Balls

• Only bag of its type to feature top handle

• Widely used in Functional Training areas, Elite performance, Crossfit, Bootcamps, Uniform Services, MMA, Boxing Clubs and rehab facilities.


• Extra Velcro tabs for enhanced durability

• Adjustable colour coded weights

• Maintains its tubular shape

• 1 year guarantee


Please note: Sand Filling your Sandbag is a UK ONLY option. All Sandbags sent overseas will be sent unfilled


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