Functional Lifting Training Aid (FLTA)


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At present we see many boxes and gyms using PVC pipes to screen clients and there is no progression from a no weight bar to an Olympic bar.

The FTLA has the exact dimensions as a 7ft Olympic bar, weighs under 2 kilos but is made from a reinforced 3mm aluminium that can withstand ultra light bands, to light heavy, allowing for progression onto an Olympic bar safely, all with the correct feel as an Olympic bar.

This can be used for starter level, to elite athlete and can train through peak contraction when using the bands, thus working you hardest through the weakest part of the lift, and develops strength through the entire lift.

Monitor bar path, warm up dynamically, develop strength, set hand positions with real markings and feel of a bar, and best of all, pay for a quality looking bar that gives you so many more options than a PVC pipe

Available in chrome or Black.

As used in the picture below by CF games 2015 competitor Steven Fawcett.


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